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Graduate Assistant to the Office of Residential Academic Initiatives and Student Affairs Assessment & Planning

Position Description

We are not currently accepting applications for this position.

This GA position is a part-time appointment that provides excellent professional development for graduate students considering faculty and/or administrative careers in academia. Working under the direction of Student Affairs Assessment & Planning (SAAP) on projects supporting the Office of Residential Academic Initiatives (ORAI), the GA will advance assessment efforts related to the undergraduate residential experience. The GA’s work complements other pedagogical training and provides experience outside of teaching that can be a valuable asset on the job market in higher education and beyond.

The GA must be in residence at Northwestern for the entire academic year (early September through the end of June, with the exception of University holidays). Absences of one week or more should be cleared well in advance with a supervisor in SAAP.

The work commitment averages 10-12 hours per week during the academic year. The overall time and percentage of time devoted to each area outlined below may vary at different points of the year. Specific duties and assignments are subject to change based on the needs of ORAI and SAAP.

Conduct Assessment of ORAI Programs

The GA gathers quantitative and qualitative data through online surveys (using the CampusLabs platform), attendance records, and in-person interviews to assess student learning, conduct program evaluation, and measure relevant outcomes. This work may involve engagement with both students and faculty, as well as regular meetings with staff members in ORAI and SAAP. Types of surveys, analyses, and reports in the GA’s portfolio may include but not be limited to:

Minimum Qualifications

Preferred Qualification


The GA receives an annual stipend (currently $10,000) allocated through monthly paychecks (September through June inclusively).