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TN Visas

Created under NAFTA and continuing under the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), this category facilitates the entry of qualified citizens from Canada and Mexico to temporarily engage in professional business activities.  Eligible employees can be admitted to the U.S. in TN status in increments of up to 3 years at a time.

They can come for the following purposes:

  • Working for a U.S. employer as a professional.
  • Working for a foreign employer (including even a non-Canadian or non-Mexican employer) to provide pre-arranged professional services to a U.S. employer.

Occupations listed in USMCA Chapter 16 Appendix 2 qualify for employment under USMCA and must meet the minimum qualification for each profession, as listed.


  • Must be a citizen of Canada or Mexico.
  • Must possess the qualification and necessary license as per the designated occupation.
  • Degree must have been earned from institutions located in Canada, Mexico or the U.S.; if not, a credential evaluation must be done for equivalency.
  • Employment must be temporary and cannot be used to bring tenure-line faculty.
  • Position must be NU benefits-eligible and paid.

Steps for Host Department

As part of the request to the OISS, the host department will draft an offer of employment to the prospective TN employee. Once approved by OISS, the TN employee will then present required documents to an immigration or consular official. View the Steps for incoming TN employees.

TN requests must be submitted to the OISS at minimum two weeks prior to the begin date for Canadian citizens and two months for citizens of Mexico.

See our TN Extension webpage for instructions for extending an existing TN.

1. Department collects all required documents.

Required Documents

  • TN Request Form
  • Biographical page of passport
  • NU appointment/position confirmation
  • Copies of diploma/transcripts demonstrating the professional level required for position
  • Updated CV
  • Credential Evaluation IF degree earned from institutions outside of US, Canada or Mexico
  • Invitation letter from the department containing the following information:
    • Evidence that the employment is listed as a designated occupation
    • Evidence of required educational qualifications and/or additional licenses or credentials
    • Description of duties
    • Reference to the temporary nature of the position
    • Dates of employment and salary
    • Sample Invitation Letter

2.  Department submits all required documents to OISS.

Complete requests should be emailed as one PDF to

  • E-mail subject: "TN Request: LAST NAME, Start Date" (e.g. TN Request: WILDCAT, 04/01/2016)
  • File name: "TNReq_LAST NAME, First Name" (e.g. TNReq_WILDCAT, Willie)

3.  OISS approves TN request (or requests additional information).

4.  Department mails Invitation Letter to TN employee.