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Policies of Northwestern University and Global Learning Office (GLO) exist primarily for the protection and safety of GLO study abroad participants. GLO expects all participants to read, understand, and adhere to these policies, guidelines, and contractual documents.

Eligibility Policies

Refer to the eligibility page for policies related to study abroad eligibility.

Academic Policies

Consult the academic planning pages for policies related to credit, registration, grading, transcripts, program approval, and deadlines.

Financial, Withdrawal & Cancellation Policies

You may choose to withdraw from study abroad even after confirming your participation in a program. There is also a possibility that your program may be canceled due to safety issues, low enrollment, or other reasons. In these cases, there is a proper procedure to follow, and you may be liable for some of the program fees. Review and understand the financial, withdrawal & cancellation policies that apply to you, based on program type.

Health & Safety Policies

Refer to the Office of Global Safety and Security website for information and guidelines related to:

Study Abroad Housing Policies

You are bound by the housing policies set by your study abroad program. Northwestern strongly discourages students from making their own housing arrangements when housing options are available through their program. Even if your program permits you to make independent housing arrangements, doing so can expose you to significant risks and additional costs, and you assume full responsibility for all risks and additional costs associated with the independent housing.

Student Rights & Responsibilities

While abroad, you are bound by the Student Code of Conduct in the Northwestern Student Handbook, including academic conduct policies and academic integrity standards. You must also abide by the rules, regulations, and policies set by your program. Violations of the Northwestern Student Code of Conduct or rules, regulations, or policies dictated by your program could lead to a variety of consequences imposed by your program and/or by Northwestern’s Office of Student Conduct.

This includes adhering to academic conduct policies and academic integrity standards, which prohibit all academic dishonesty including, but not limited to, plagiarism, cheating, fabrication, obtaining an unfair advantage, aiding and abetting violations of the standards of academic integrity, falsification of record and official documents, and unauthorized access to computerized academic or administrative records or systems. You are also bound by the rules, regulations, and policies set by your Program Director, on-site administrators at your host institution, and housing and other service providers. Actions that violate the Northwestern Student Code of Conduct or any other rules, regulations, or policies dictated by your program could result in a variety of sanctions, outcomes, and interventions, including potential dismissal from the program.