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Study Abroad for Theatre Majors

Can I study abroad as a Theatre major?

Yes! Many Theatre majors can and do study abroad during their time at Northwestern.

Student Perspective

"I did a lot of theatre, saw a lot of theatre, and got to live abroad -- what's more to ask for? I made friends for life, and definitely saw an improvement in my work."

When can I study abroad as a Theatre major?

Sophomore Year: Students engaged in first year of the 2-year acting cohort. There are no restrictions on going abroad during this time.

Junior Year: Students are completing their second year of the 2-year cohort. There are no restrictions on going abroad during this time.

Senior Year: Given the 2-year acting cohort during sophomore and junior year, and the opportunity and encouragement to try many different acting styles senior year, Fall senior year could be an ideal time to study abroad.

Summer: Northwestern is not affiliated with any theatre programs during the Summer term. However, there are options for students to study abroad on unaffiliated programs for academic credit or participate in non-credit bearing opportunities overseas.

What classes can I take abroad?

Students on conservatory-style theatre programs can expect to take coursework exclusively in theatre disciplines. Students hoping to take a wider variety of courses should seek out programs that offer a more "traditional" classroom-based study abroad experience.

Read more about academic planning and choosing courses abroad.

What type of credit can I get from study abroad?

Theatre majors on conservatory programs can expect to receive credit towards their major requirements.

School of Communications students who study abroad on other programs may also be able to receive up to 3 NU units towards distribution requirements.

Your NU adviser can help you identify what distribution requirements or major credit could be best taken abroad and your GLO adviser can help you identify programs that offer these types of credit.

Suggested Programs for Theatre Majors

Interested in other programs or non-major credit? Search for more study abroad options.

Next Steps

Unsure where to start? Check out the Get Started page for some helpful next steps. We also encourage you to meet with your Theatre major adviser to discuss your academic course plan and with a GLO adviser to learn more about the programs you're considering.