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Study Abroad for Radio/Television/Film Majors

Can I study abroad as a Radio/Television/Film major?

YES! Many Radio/Television/Film majors can and do study abroad during their time at Northwestern.   

Student Perspective

This study abroad experience changed the way I approach filmmaking. It helped me become more comfortable in so many different aspects of production, and I can confidently say that I have come back a much more knowledgeable and confident filmmaker.

When can I study abroad as a Radio/Television/Film major?

You can begin exploring possible study abroad options as early as your first year. There are opportunities to study abroad all terms, including the summer after your first year at NU.  

It is possible to study abroad during your final year at NU and even graduate abroad. However, students should be aware that it can take 2-4 months to receive a transcript from study abroad. If you are studying abroad during your final quarter at Northwestern, this will likely delay your actual date of graduation. 

What classes can I take abroad?

If you take classes in any subject area that NU teaches in the School of Communications—Theater, Film Production, Film and Media Studies, Communication Studies, etc, then it can count towards degree requirements. 

Students can also take courses outside Radio/Television/Film to help fulfill other degree requirements, learn or improve on a language, or just to take advantage of the opportunity to learn something new. 

You can read more about academic planning and choosing courses abroad on the GLO website.

What type of credit can I get from study abroad?

Students can count up to two study abroad credits toward the RTVF major as long as they are approved as the equivalent to 300-level School of Communication classes. All students should remember to retain syllabi from courses abroad to ease the credit transfer process. 

Film and Media Studies Minor- You can count up to two film and media studies classes towards the Film and Media Studies minor.  

Sound Design Minor- It is rare to find sound design coursework abroad, but appropriate classes can be considered for credit towards the minor. 

 Your Radio/Television/Film adviser can help you identify what distribution requirements or major credit could be best taken abroad and your GLO adviser can help you identify programs that offer these types of credit.  

Suggested Programs for Radio/Television/Film Majors

Interested in other programs or non-major credit? Search for more study abroad options.

Next Steps

Unsure where to start? Check out the Get Started page for some helpful next steps. We also encourage you to meet with your School of Communications adviser to discuss your academic course plan and with a GLO adviser to learn more about the programs you're considering.