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Study Abroad for Hebrew Studies and Jewish Studies

Can I study abroad as a Hebrew Studies and/or Jewish Studies Major or Minor?

Yes! Students in both Jewish Studies and Hebrew Studies are encouraged to study abroad. Jewish Studies is truly an interdisciplinary way of analyzing and understanding the world and having the opportunity to study in countries with significant Jewish history, identity, and/or culture will allow you to go deeper into the study of the Jewish experience. In addition, the ability to study Hebrew intensively in Israel will not only improve your communication skills, but also significantly enrich your knowledge of the culture and social environment in the country. 

Courses taken abroad may also count toward requirements for the major or minor. 

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Faculty Perspective

Claire Sufrin, Associate Professor of Instruction in Jewish Studies

When you take Jewish Studies or Israel Studies classes abroad, you will often have the chance to study the ancient, medieval, or modern history of Jews, Judaism, and Jewish culture in the place where it happened. That’s an incredible opportunity, not to be missed!

When can I study abroad as a Hebrew Studies and/or Jewish Studies Major or Minor?

You can begin exploring possible study abroad options as early as your first year!

Northwestern has an array of semester and full-year programs available to help you broaden your studies of Judaism, Jewish history, Jewish identity, and Jewish culture, including two programs in Israel with significant coursework in both modern and biblical Hebrew. 

Summer: Northwestern is not affiliated with any Jewish Studies or Hebrew language programs during the Summer term; however, there are options to study abroad on unaffiliated programs for academic credit or participate in non-credit bearing opportunities.

What classes can I take abroad?

Hebrew Studies and Jewish Studies students are able to take a wide variety of courses abroad, including language, literature, history, political science, and directed research. You are strongly encouraged to seek advising from the Director of Undergraduate Studies prior to departure in order to understand the program's policy on transferring course credit and to receive help in the selection of courses abroad.

Read more about academic planning and choosing courses abroad.

What type of credit can I get from study abroad?

Students may receive up to 2 credits toward the Hebrew Studies or Jewish Studies minor. Students pursuing a major should consult with the Direct or Undergraduate Studies to determine how credit will apply. While there are no restrictions on the type or level of courses taken abroad, a significant percentage of the course must be about Jewish or Israel studies.

 In addition, your Weinberg adviser can help you identify if a distribution requirement could be fulfilled abroad and your GLO adviser can help you identify programs that offer these types of credit.

Suggested Programs for Hebrew Studies and Jewish Studies

The following programs offer a wide variety of coursework, making them promising choices for Hebrew studies and Jewish Studies students. While Israel may be an obvious choice, it is far from the only option. Many places will offer appropriate courses, you may just have to think outside the box.

Interested in other programs or non-major credit? Search for more study abroad options.

Next Steps

Unsure where to start? Check out the Get Started page for some helpful next steps. We also encourage you to meet with your major adviser to discuss your academic course plan and with a GLO adviser to learn more about the programs you're considering.