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Identity Abroad

Preparing for identity considerations abroad is an important part of any study abroad journey. Take time to learn about the host country or city of your program, including how different aspects of your identity might be perceived in another cultural context. Resources such as blog posts from Northwestern students can help you in this process.

Note: Even if you do not hold some identities, learning how they might be perceived in-country can help you be a supportive ally to your peers.


As you explore your study abroad options, consider aspects of your identity. Taking the time to learn about social norms, cultural mores, and local practices also will help you navigate how aspects of your identity may be perceived and treated in your host country. 

Additional Considerations

Plan ahead for other considerations that will affect you as you select programs, prepare to study abroad, and navigate daily life in-country.

Navigating Identities Abroad

Learn more about navigating your identities abroad with this video created by Joel Alvarez, a former GLO student fellow and a three-time study abroad alum: