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GLO Fellowship Program

In addition to the unpaid ambassador position, GLO offers paid GLO fellow positions to study abroad alumni who are passionate advocates for study abroad within the Northwestern undergraduate community. Fellows will focus on specific initiatives, while also assisting with the leadership of the ambassador program.

As a GLO fellow, you will have the opportunity to play a direct role in shaping GLO’s alumni engagement efforts and gain skills for the internationally engaged workplace. Fellows typically work a maximum of 10 hours per week and are required to attend trainings, informational meetings, presentations, orientations, and other GLO events.


  • Gain valuable leadership experience for your résumé and professional development through skills such as program management, assessment, marketing, event planning, public speaking/presentation delivery and cross-cultural knowledge
  • Network with other study abroad program alumni at Ambassador lunches/dinners, events, meetings, and training sessions while increasing your professional contacts at Northwestern
  • Receive training from GLO about how study abroad works at Northwestern and learn about the field of international education
  • Act as a mentor/adviser to prospective and outbound study abroad students and make significant contributions to the Northwestern study abroad community
  • Provide feedback to GLO about your study abroad program to enact tangible change in your program
  • Be featured on the GLO website
  • Free admission to the "Lessons from Abroad" alumni professional conference


  • Serve as leaders and managers of the GLO ambassador program
  • Facilitate GLO ambassador program trainings
  • Coordinate activities for GLO ambassadors
  • Attend special events or alumni reunions 
  • Assist with marketing projects and social media posts
  • Advise students interested in study abroad 
  • Serve in an advisory capacity with a role in shaping and providing feedback for GLO
  • Monitor and observe the GLO Study Abroad Pre-Departure Canvas course to understand where students are in the study abroad process

End of Year Reflection

At the end of the academic year, Fellows will share their experience with GLO by choosing one of the following:

  • Reflection Video
  • Digital Story
  • PowerPoint Presentation

Time Commitment

  • Academic year (September-June)
  • 10 hours per week
  • Training Session at the beginning of the quarter
  • Attendance at special events
  • One Fellow/Ambassador meeting per month

Important Dates

  • Study Abroad Fair: October 
  • International Education Week: Mid-November
  • Wildcat Days: Mid-April
  • Pre-Departure Orientation: Late May


  • Alum of a Northwestern study abroad program, GESI, Northwestern exchange program, or affiliated study abroad program
  • Passion for study abroad
  • Self-directed and motivated
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to interact with diverse students
  • Ability to holistically reflect upon your study abroad experience(s) in a professional, truthful, and responsible manner
  • Ability to interact with diverse students.
  • Ability to holistically reflect upon and articulate your study abroad experiences in a professional, truthful, and responsible manner.
  • Preferred: previous participation in the ambassador program.