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Fleet Vehicles

University leased Vehicles

Northwestern has partnered with Enterprise for fleet management.

New Vehicles

Enterprise will work with each department and school directly to finalize specifications for vehicles that will be replaced.

  • Quotes will be developed by Enterprise and presented to each department or school.
  • Once approval is received, the quotes will be signed by Procurement and vehicles will be ordered.
  • Lead times will vary based on the type of vehicle ordered.  The estimated lead time will be communicated to you at the time order is placed.
  • New plates will come on the vehicle.  These will be standard, non-branded plates.
  • Most vehicles will be branded as ‘Northwestern Fleet Vehicle’ on the driver and passenger front doors as well as the rear of the vehicle.


  • Departments and schools will continue to be charged the current amount in quarterly increments until new vehicles arrive.
  • Once new vehicles arrive, departments and schools will be charged the new amount for the remainder of the fiscal year (pro-rated).
  • Procurement will pay Enterprise monthly for all vehicles.
  • Beginning in fiscal year 2021, departments and schools will be charged one time in September by Procurement for the annual cost of the vehicle.
    • Departments and schools will be charged separately by Risk Management in September for the annual cost of insurance on the vehicle.


  • Staff are expected to use the utmost care when utilizing Northwestern fleet vehicles.
  • All vehicles (those being replaced and existing) will be equipped with a Geo tab device, which will provide performance and mechanical information to Enterprise in order to provide proper maintenance and add an element of safety to the fleet vehicles.
  • Departments and schools must make a commitment to maintaining the vehicles as instructed by Enterprise. See below for more details:


  • Your maintenance card will be available on the EFleets Mobile Application or website.
    • A “maintenance card” will be provided.
    • The program covers both preventative maintenance and non-preventative maintenance.
    • New vehicles - Preventative and non-preventative maintenance is provided at no additional charge since it is included in the annual lease payment.
    • Existing vehicles – Preventative and non-preventative maintenance will be charged to the department or school as it occurs.
    • Please follow the Manufacturer’s guidelines outlined in your owner’s manual for the preventative maintenance schedule (oil changes and tire rotations).
    • As a best practice, we recommend taking the vehicle in for an oil change every 5,000 miles.
    • Please visit or utilize the shop locator on the mobile app in order to locate a shop near you.  Preferred maintenance shops are as follows:
      • Heart
      • McKenna
    • Departments and schools are responsible for getting vehicles to and from repair shop
    • If your vehicle is under warranty, take it to a dealership for non-preventative maintenance repairs when possible.
    • If your vehicle is not under warranty, take it to any authorized Enterprise service center or your preferred shop.
    • Present your Enterprise Card to the service writer before any work is performed.
    • It is the service writer’s responsibility to call the Enterprise National Service Department for authorization if costs exceed the self-authorization threshold shown on the card.
    • Enterprise handles the rest.
    • Do not pay anything out of pocket or expense anything unless absolutely necessary. In the event that you need to do so, please keep and submit receipts to your management team.
    • For vehicle repairs that take cannot be competed the same day the vehicle is dropped off, departments and schools can get a short term rental through Northwestern’s other agreement with Enterprise. See link below:

Risk Management/Insurance

  • Office of Risk Management will continue to supply you insurance cards. Should you experience any insurance needs, please contact Office of Risk Management first for assistance. The Enterprise Fleet Management claims contact will be additional support should you need them.
    • Contact Northwestern Risk Management for coordination:
    • Preferred physical damage provider:
      • Nick and Ernies

Vehicle Registration

Enterprise will handle registering your vehicle and renewing your registration annually. Please disregard the state generated renewal notice unless they are notifying you of an inspection that is required. Please complete the inspection when requested. The renewal will be sent directly to your address on file with Enterprise around the 15th of the month that the plate expires.  If the contact person in your department or school changes, or your address changes, report the changes to Enterprise as soon as possible.

Please let Abby Chavez if you have any questions: 630.534.7708 or


If there is a minor accident or mechanical breakdown:

  • Contact roadside assistance at 800.325.8838
    • They will facilitate acquisition of replacement vehicle, towing if necessary, if not drive-able
  • Call 911 to get a police report (required)
  • Contact school or department sponsor or advisor
  • There may be additional charges to the renter (lost keys, runs out of gas)
  • Contact risk management as soon as possible the next business day after an accident ( and file an incident report online (
  • In the event of an accident, travelers, or their departments, are responsible for a $500 deductible and any additional fees (such as loss of use) that may apply.


Northwestern contact:

Enterprise contact: