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Preferred Vendors

Preferred Vendors are those that have been awarded a contract by Purchasing and Strategic Sourcing for use by all departments and schools. We strongly encourage departments and schools to use Preferred Vendors.

See all Preferred Vendors on the Preferred Vendor List.

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Preferred Vendor relationships are established one of two ways:

A contract is established based on the results of a formal competitive bid process managed by Purchasing and Strategic Sourcing.

  • Current providers of these products/services on campus are among those invited to submit a proposal.
  • Department/school representatives (some of your peers) are involved in the evaluation and decision making process.
  • The vendor(s) that are awarded contracts are determined to represent the best overall value to the University.

A pricing agreement is established based on a negotiation between Purchasing and Strategic Sourcing and the vendor.

  • Typically these agreements are established because it has been determined to be in the best interest of the University to establish a relationship with these vendors.
  • Some of the reasons are that there is a strong University preference for the product or service offered by a particular vendor, the product or service needed is proprietary, unique, or exclusive in nature, the individual amount per transaction may be very low, etc.