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Expense Approval Roles & Responsibilities

Preparing for Expense Report Approval Workflow Changes in NUFinancials

Each individual within the workflow process has the responsibility of ensuring that travel expenditures are authorized and accurate.

The Expenses Supervisor (and backup supervisors) in myHR will need to be configured on the myHR “Reports To” pages for employees in the following paygroups:

  • MON (monthly staff)
  • MOF (monthly faculty)
  • BIR (biweekly staff)
  • MGW (graduate students)
  • NMF (Northwestern Medicine)

Your myHR Administrator will need to make the changes for your school/unit.

The following examples of the roles and responsibilities expected of travelers and approvers are provided as guidance for the identification and maintenance of the appropriate approvers in the workflow process.


Project Approval (An optional approval that may be assigned to PIs and managers of Project accounts)

Levels 1, 2, and 3 Approvals

Supervisor Approval (The department chair or faculty supervisor approves expenditures for faculty, the immediate supervisor approves for staff or students)

ASRSP Approval (required when charging to sponsored accounts)

Accounts Payable Approval