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Chicago Campus Vendor Delivery Instructions

Receiving is more centralized on the Chicago Campus.

Logistics manages the main receiving dock in the Tarry Building, 745 N Fairbanks Ct. which services the following locations:

  • Tarry Building, 300 E. Superior St.
  • Morton Building, 310 E. Superior St.
  • Searle Building, 320 E. Superior St.
  • Ward Building, 303 E. Chicago Ave.
  • Wieboldt Hall, 340 E. Superior St./339 E. Chicago Ave.
  • Other McGaw Medical Center locations

Logistics also manages receiving docks in the Robert H. Lurie Medical Center, 303 E. Superior, and the Rubloff Building, which receives for the following locations:

  • 420 E. Superior
  • 357 E. Superior
  • 370 E. Superior
  • 375 E. Chicago
  • Robert McCormick Hall, 350 E. Superior
  • Levy Mayer Hall, 357 E. Chicago

Parking at the docks is not allowed.  If parking is needed for moves, installations, special events, please make arrangements at the Parking Office.

Dock personnel contact information

  • Dock Supervisor – Hank Jones, 312-503-8500

Hours of Operation

  • The Lurie dock is open Monday - Friday from 7:00 am to 4:30 pm, closed Saturday and Sunday, 312-503-0278.
  • The Rubloff dock is open Monday - Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm but is closed at times during the day for deliveries, closed Saturday and Sunday, 312-503-0380.

Chicago Truck Size

  • Trucks larger than 40 feet will find it difficult to reach any of the docks listed above.  There is construction around the Lurie dock, maximum truck size to reach the dock is 15 feet, and a lift gate is required.  Larger trucks could unload at the door or curbside.  Please see dock personnel before unloading.

Anti-Idling Ordinance for Vendor Deliveries in Chicago