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Return to Campus Refresh Planning Toolkit

As schools/units refresh their winter 2021 Return to Campus Refresh Plans, please review the following documents. Some documents, such as the Return to Campus Summary and Checklist, must be completed and submitted to the COVID-19 Workgroup by your unit's COVID-19 Accountable Leader as part of the Winter 2021 Return to Campus Refresh Plan.

Toolkits will be updated as additional information is available and/or guidance is needed. Please check back frequently.

If you have questions completing these forms, please contact the Return to Campus Workgroup at if you have any questions.

For Submission

Complete the following forms as part of the return to campus process. To learn more about these requirements, see the Prepare to Return section of this website.

  1. At the direction of the COVID-19 Planning Lead, departments can update their Fall 2020 Return to Campus Operating Plan and answer the new questions outlined on the 2020 Winter Return to Campus Refresh Plan, which will help inform the Return to Campus Summary and Checklist. Some leaders may request additional information and/or will provide additional guidance.
  2. The COVID-19 Accountable Leader must ensure that the Return to Campus Summary and Checklist has been completed for each department.

For Reference