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Hosting International Scholars

Assistance for Host Departments

OISS supports departments as they sponsor visitors and employees with the visa process.

Working with Visitors

A short-term (B-1/WB) or J-1 Exchange Visitor will need to be sponsored by a host department, which is responsible for helping them apply for and acquire the necessary visa status. These resources provide an overview of the department's responsibilities.

Working with Employees

A hiring department submits a visa application on behalf of incoming H-1B, TN and E-3 employees. These applications require many documents from both the incoming employee and the department; department forms are listed along with instructions, below.

Legal Permanent Residency

Legal Permanent Residency (LPR) permits foreign nationals and their dependents to permanently remain and be employed in the  U.S.Departments assume the role of a sponsor for prospective Legal Permanent Residents and all the responsibilities associated with the process.

Working with students

Departmental staff may work with international students in an academic setting, or as they pursue employment related to coursework.

Student Employees