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Spending Limit Guidelines

Travel & Entertainment Limits

Receipts are required for expenses incurred and is aligned with the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) guidelines (external link), as follows:

Expense amount required from receipts
Documentation Requirement Amount
Original Itemized Receipt $75

The maximum amount per person that can be reimbursed for allowable travel and entertainment expenses are as follows, budget permitting:

Maximum per person spending limits for meals while traveling
Meals While Traveling Maximum per Person
Effective 3/1/2024
Breakfast $25
Lunch $50
Dinner $100
Maximum per person spending limits for meals in town
In Town Meals, as permitted by Travel & Entertainment Policy Maximum per Person
Effective 3/1/2024
Breakfast $ 25
Lunch $ 50
Dinner $ 100
Special circumstances - recruiting or fundraising for Vice Presidents, Deans, and department chairs $ 150
Annual party of general appreciation event $ 50
Holiday staff appreciation event located outside of Chicago $ 75
Holiday staff appreciation event located in Chicago $ 100
Entertainment essential for fulfillment of leadership duties, retirement events, reception $ 50
School wide or departmental meetings (lunch or light refreshments) $ 30
Commencement related receptions, graduate school recruitment events $ 50-75
Employee retreat *See Below

*Limit for employee retreats that include more than one meal should not exceed sum total of individual limits. For example, an all-day event could be $125 per person ($25 breakfast, $50 lunch, $50 reception).

  • Reimbursement will only be made up to the above limits, unless an exception form is reviewed and signed by the Dean, Vice President, or designee.
  • These amounts include the cost of food and beverages, labor, taxes, gratuities, staff benefit and other surcharges, credit card fees, and facilities charge/rental.
  • Please note that staff should plan meals in the most cost-effective way possible. The above limits do not mean the maximum limit should be spent.
  • When using sponsored dollars or choosing to be reimbursed by the per diem method for expense reimbursements, limits must be in line with GSA guidelines (external link).