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Northwestern has discounted rates for hotels across the country available to travelers who book lodging through one of Northwestern's travel agencies. Each travel agency has access to their own discounted rates at specific hotels as well as to Northwestern's negotiated hotel rates.

For a list of all hotels with negotiated rates and hotel contact information, please visit the Hotel Rates page.

Northwestern also has discounted rates for local hotels near the Chicago and Evanston campuses for guests traveling on behalf of the University. For information about Evanston, Chicago, and Extended Stay hotels, please visit the Local Hotels page.

Book a Hotel

Lodging can be booked through any of Northwestern's contracted travel agencies. If booked through Egencia, lodging can sometimes be directly billed to a department/unit chart string (depending on the specific hotel). University travelers may also contact the hotel directly to book lodging.

Egencia Travel 100 Group

Contact Info

Egencia Login

877-801-3068 (toll-free)
702-939-2532 (int'l)
Email Egencia

Hours of Operation


M-F: 9 am-5 pm
Sat: by appointment only
24/7 emergency support: 800-823-2593

For a detailed comparison of these agencies' services and fees, please visit the Travel Agencies page

Booking Hotels Through Egencia

Please refer to this Booking Hotels on Egencia Guide when using Egencia's online booking tool to directly bill lodging to a department/unit chart string.

Northwestern travelers should also note the following when booking hotels through Egencia:

Hotel Policies

Please see the Policies and Reimbursements page for additional information about travel-related policies and the reimbursement process.

Local Hotels

Northwestern also offers discounted rates at many hotels near the Evanston and Chicago campus. For information about Evanston, Chicago, and Extended Stay hotels please visit the Local Hotels page.