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Travel & Entertainment

Welcome to Northwestern's Travel and Entertainment web page. Here you can find information on your options to book travel, entertainment expenditures,  and other travel-related benefits for faculty, staff, graduate students, and guests traveling on behalf of the University.

Northwestern's Travel Program

Northwestern provides faculty and staff* access to travel agencies as well as numerous contracts and negotiated rates related to business travel for airfare, hotels (local, national, and international), and rental cars. The Travel program also allows Northwestern faculty and staff to directly bill some travel expenses to their department/unit chart string rather than submitting requests for reimbursement. For more information on the benefits of booking travel through Northwestern's program, visit the About the Travel Program page and the Want More Information section below.

*For information about program eligibility, including for part-time employees and graduate students, visit the Program Eligibility page.

Already Familiar with Northwestern's Travel Program? 

Book a trip using one of our contracted travel agencies now:

Travel agencies
Egencia Travel 100 Group

Contact Info

Egencia Login

International rates may apply if call is made from out of the US.

To email a customer care representative, go to your Egencia home page. Select “Help” on your Egencia header and select “Contact Us”.

Hours of Operation


M-F: 9 am-5 pm
Sat: by appointment only
24/7 emergency support: 800-823-2593

For a detailed comparison of these agencies' services and fees, please visit the Travel Agencies page.

For more information on using Northwestern's online booking tool, please visit the Egencia page.

Need to Submit a Travel Reimbursement?

For information on Northwestern's Travel and Entertainment policy (pdf format) and how to be reimbursed for qualifying travel expenses, visit the Policies and Reimbursements page.

Printable reimbursement forms:

Want More Information about the Travel Program and How to Book University Travel?

  • Travel Agencies: Learn more about Northwestern's travel agencies and how to book travel for faculty and staff, including an overview of agency fees and services as well as tips on how to book travel through Egencia.
  • Air Travel: Learn about Northwestern's contract with United, other airlines included in the travel program, and how to book airfare through Northwestern's contracted travel agencies. 
  • Hotels: Learn which nationwide hotels offer discounts to Northwestern travelers, information on local hotels, and the options for booking hotels. Read important information about direct billing hotel reservations.
  • Rental Vehicles: Learn about discounts available through National Car Rental and Enterprise Rent-A-Car and how to secure these discounted rates.
  • Policies and Reimbursements: Learn about the key policies relevant to University travel, including sponsored program travel, and about how to get reimbursed for all travel-related expenses that are not directly billed through the Travel Program.
  • International Travel: Learn about international health insurance and other considerations when traveling abroad.
  • Arranging Guest Travel: This section provides an overview and guide for arranging and paying for travel for guests traveling on behalf of Northwestern, including information on:
    • negotiated rates for local hotels (near the Chicago and Evanston campuses)
    • booking guest travel through Northwestern's contracted travel agencies
    • Dining Discounts for local restaurants
    • guest-related policies
    • reimbursement forms for guests
  • Entertainment: This section provides a summary of entertainment costs that can be reimbursed, subject to the spending limit guidelines.

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