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Electronic Payment to Vendors

Procurement and Payment Services manages the conversion and administration of vendors receiving electronic payments, as the default method of payment in the vendor table, from Northwestern University through ePayables (Credit Card) or Paymode X (ACH).

Credit Card – ePayables

The ePayables credit card program is a way for Northwestern to pay its invoices using VISA credit card. With this program, the vendor would receive an email as notification and authorization to charge the dedicated credit card after an invoice is approved by Northwestern's Accounts Payable department. The remittance email provides the invoice number(s), invoice dollar amount(s), and credit card information to charge the transaction, and can be sent to multiple individuals in the vendor's organization.

To sign up for the ePayables credit card program, the vendor should send an Email to Nicholas Gang and provide the following information: Email (or Emails) for receiving remittance information, Name and Title, Company or Business Name, and Telephone Number.

General information on this program is available on the Bank of America website. Contact Nicholas Gang for questions.

ACH – Paymode X

The Paymode X direct deposit program is an ACH program that allows Northwestern to directly deposit invoice payments into the bank account the vendor specifies, along with complete remittance information that can be accessed at any time, after an invoice is approved by Northwestern's Accounts Payable department. An email can be sent from Paymode X notifying the vendor of the deposit.

To sign up for the Paymode X direct deposit program, the vendor will need to register on the Paymode secure website and send an Email to Nicholas Gang with the vendor Company/Business Name when complete.

General information, or vendor sign-up for this program, is available on the Paymode website. Contact Nicholas Gang for questions.


Nicholas Gang
Phone: 847.467.4715