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Shipping and Receiving

Shipping and receiving roles vary by campus:

  • Evanston Campus - Each department generally handles its own shipping and receiving. Procurement and Payment Services manages shipping and receiving for the McCormick School of Engineering from the Technological Institute mail room, which also services the Catalysis Center, Pancoe-ENH Life Sciences Pavilion, Cook Hall, and Ford Engineering Design Center.
  • Chicago Campus - Shipping and receiving is centralized and located at the Tarry Building, which services Levy Mayer Hall, McCormick Hall, Morton Building, Searle Building, Tarry Building, Ward Building, Wieboldt Hall, and other McGaw Medical Center locations. However, Abbott Hall, Lurie Center, and Lake Shore Center manage their own shipping and receiving docks.

University shipping and receiving that is not handled by Procurement & Payment Services is handled through UPS. On the Evanston campus, Mail Services manages UPS shipping; on the Chicago campus, UPS is available through the Tarry Building shipping and receiving area. 

Package Delivery Update:

Because most buildings have been locked with limited onsite staffing during the pandemic, Procurement and Payment Services notified the major package delivery companies to redirect packages for the Evanston campus to Tech and 2020 Ridge in order to ensure receipt.  Those packages were then delivered to units by PPS Logistics and Mail Services based on department and school staff availability. 

Now that buildings are unlocked during normal business hours and most staff have returned to working on campus several days a week, we have notified FedEx, UPS, DHL, and Amazon to resume their pre-pandemic procedures and deliver packages directly to the address on the package beginning Monday, October 18, 2021.  Below are some helpful reminders to ensure smooth local receipt of your deliveries:

  • Schools and units should have staff available during normal business hours to receive packages on the day they are scheduled to be delivered.
  • In situations where a building is locked or no staff are present to receive a package, delivery companies have been instructed to deliver the package to Tech or 2020 Ridge instead.  PPS Logistics and Mail Services will then make arrangements to deliver the package to the unit.  We do not expect this to happen often.
  • If your building will be locked or no staff will be present on certain days, please post those hours on the outside door. Please work with Facilities on appropriate signage if this is the case.

If you have additional concerns or unique situations, please contact Reginald Lee, Manager of Logistics, at or 847.467.7473.