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Payment Request

The Payment Request process is a way to request payment for services when the transaction does not warrant the issuance of an official Purchase Order to a vendor, for direct-billed contracted services, for services for which it is the normal practice to pay in advance, and for certain special payments such as recurring or international. Payment Requests are budget-checked and require the same approvals as requisitions in NUFinancials. A Payment Request is primarily a way to request a check.

Specific examples include:

The Payment Request process is NOT to be used as a method to pay invoices for products or services after the fact when a Purchase Order should have been issued and sent to the vendor at the beginning of the transaction. Contact PPS to discuss alternate payment options.

Note: The following examples still require that departments/schools fill out the paper/hard copy DPR, which then need to be sent to Accounts Payable with all appropriate documentation: