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Price Changes to Ready Refresh Water Pricing

Northwestern University has agreed to a cost increase for the Preferred Vendor Ready Refresh for drinking water.  This is the 1st increase in over 5 years for the service.  The cost changes will be implemented on September 1st, 2023. The increases are primarily due to increase in wages for delivery drivers and internal personnel, as well as an increase in the cost for fuel and other resources.

In place of a delivery service for water, Ready Refresh also provides a filtration system that not only boosts the green initiative (reduction in fleet vehicle footprint, gas usage, and emissions), but could possibly result in a cost savings for the individual departments. It is encouraged by Northwestern University that departments adopt this water delivery method in lieu of bottled water delivery service.

 Ready Refresh has made it easier for departments and schools to pay invoices related to the service through an on-line portal.  This will prevent delivery from being suspended to non-payment. Please visit Ready Refresh’s Preferred Vendor Page and click on the link in “How to manage your account and invoices”.

 Ready Refresh also offers annual cleaning for a discounted price for Northwestern.  In order to receive this discount, departments and schools must contact the dedicated service representative, John Martin, to arrange service. 

 If you have any additional questions, contact Julie Maul at or 1.5321.

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