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Iron Mountain Document Management

April 6, 2023

Northwestern is working on implementing a central billing process for the Iron Mountain shredding service. There is no immediate change but we may need your help to have a chartstring and contact person for each department using Iron Mountain. Look for a notification requesting you confirm this information.

This stems from a recent disruption in shredding services from Iron Mountain due to many past due invoices from various departments and schools across campus. Procurement and Payment Services worked closely with Iron Mountain to restore services and with those departments and schools to get their invoices paid to eliminate the risk of this issue happening again.

We found that many invoices were past due because they were assigned and sent to terminated or transferred employees. It is very important that you communicate with Iron Mountain if there is a contact change within your department of who is responsible for payment of invoices.

In the interim, if you continue to experience any invoicing and service issues with Iron Mountain, please contact Northwestern Procurement Administrator Anthony Murphy.

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