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Independent Contractor Questionnaire No Longer in Use

Last spring the Offices of Human Resources, and Procurement and Payment Services, embarked on an initiative to improve the appropriate classification of workers as either contractors or employees.  On 06/15/2023 Human Resources Compensation stopped the use of the Independent Contractor Questionnaire form (aka Request for Payment to an Individual) and replaced it with the Worker Classification OnBase Form  process. Please refer to the Worker Classification Presentation for additional information. 

The OnBase Worker Classification Form process IS NOT REQUIRED when compensating an individual for one of the following payment type categories:

However, in lieu of the nonessential ICQ form, Vendor File Management (VFM) requires a very detailed description of the purpose of the payment entered in the Comments field of the Supplier Registration Request.  The Conflict of Interest and W-9 forms remain required.

The OnBase Worker Classification Form is required for all other payment type categories.

Questions about a supplier registration request?  Please contact

Questions about the OnBase Worker Classification Form?  Please contact Human Resources Compensation.

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