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New Evanston Local Marketplace catalog in iBuyNU

August 18, 2022

PPS has been working with an external advocacy organization and Consultant, VIT to enable a multi-vendor catalog in iBuyNU that includes local and diverse vendor options for everyday items, such as grocery items, tools and hardware, computer supplies, office supplies, etc. We are excited to announce that the catalog is expected to be available by September 19. Please check it out. Also, please note that this local marketplace catalog will be a work in progress, we are anxious for feedback and ideas from departments and schools at Northwestern on the catalog, how it works, other vendors to consider including, etc. This is a great addition to iBuyNU, as it will enable departments and schools on campus to easily issue purchase orders for items they might need to local Evanston and diverse vendors. More details to come.

If you have any questions, please contact Peter Braithwaite at 847.467.6333 or

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