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Copier Program Updates

March 3, 2022

Ricoh Billing Concerns 

PPS has been experiencing issues with the monthly Ricoh invoice since early this fiscal year.  Departments and schools have not been charged since September/October 2021. All issues have been resolved and the billing process has resumed. 

Departments and schools will start seeing charges on your budget statements with dates as early as August.  Our goal is to be caught up with all billing months by end of April.

Our partner Ricoh apologizes for the inconvenience and if you have questions, you can contact Keith Paddy at

Copier Program Transfer Services from Gordon Flesch and Regal Business to Ricoh

Many departments and schools are transferring their copier service from Gordon Flesch or Regal Business to Ricoh.  After you transfer services, you should document the date your copier was picked up which should be the date Gordon Flesch or Regal Business charges will stop.  You should also receive a document from Gordon Flesch and Regal Business confirming the pickup date.  This document may be needed for future reference so please keep it in a safe place. 

We strongly recommend you monitor your budget statements after your copier has been picked up to ensure you are no longer being charged by Gordon Flesch or Regal Business.  If you continue to receive charges after the pickup, you can contact Sheila Watkins at 

Central Bill Program – Budget Statement Review

We encourage all departments and schools to develop an internal process to review your budget statements monthly to monitor charges from Central Bill Programs such as On Campus Moves, Copier Program, Quartet Printing, Catering, Lab Gases etc. 

Procurement and Payment Services is responsible for managing the billing process for all Central Bill Programs, but it is the department’s responsibility to ensure you are being charged correctly by the supplier. 

If you ever have any questions regarding the billing for any Central Bill Program, please contact the service provider. For general Central Bill Program questions, email

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