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Chart string 101

August 18, 2022

Using a valid chart string is very important when buying services through a central bill program managed by PPS. This is especially important when booking travel in Egencia, because you will need to enter your chart string to complete your booking. The chart string identifies to which department the travel should be billed to, and from which account or grant the funds will be deducted. The chart string is typically composed of these components:

Chart string components
Typical chartstring
Fund Code (3 digits) This code indicates the source of the funds being used. 
Department ID (7 digits) Identifies the financial entity, or management unit, that is responsible for the travel or other activity/expense. 
Project ID (8 digits) Only used for Fund codes over 160.  The Project ID is used to identify financial activity for a distinct unrestricted or restricted purpose. 
Activity Code (2 digits) Is typically “01” and is mandatory when Fund is over 160.

 For a chart string quick reference site, please refer to:

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