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Ready Refresh Contract Update

December 3, 2021

Northwestern University’s Preferred Vendor for drinking water, Ready Refresh, is instituting a minimum delivery cost of $20 for any delivery to the Evanston and Chicago campus. The change is primarily due to the pandemic, which has impacted supply costs and has created a worker shortage. Please note that implementing this minimum allows us to avoid a price increase on the actual bottles of water.  It is still by far the most cost-effective drinking water service available based on the contract we have with Ready Refresh.  Reducing the number of deliveries to the over 300 accounts at Northwestern University will also have a positive impact from an environmental perspective.

In order to meet the $20 minimum requirement, it is encouraged to consolidate deliveries to every two weeks or monthly.

In place of a delivery service for water, Ready Refresh also provides a filtration system that not only boosts the green initiative due to the reduction in a fleet vehicle footprint, gas usage, and emissions, but could possibly result in a cost savings for the individual departments. It is encouraged by Northwestern University that departments adopt this water delivery method in lieu of bottled water delivery service.

If you have any questions, please contact Julie Maul at

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