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The New iBuyNU

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August 7, 2019

The new iBuyNU went live on April 1.  PPS continues to work with Aquiire on stabilization and enhancement projects that will make iBuyNU more efficient and user friendly.  Immediate benefits of this change include:
  • ‘Real-time’ search capability for many of the supplier catalogs
  • Federated search capability allows customers to search for a product across all catalog types
  • New ‘shared-cart’ functionality allows multiple users or groups to add products to a cart before assigning to their business manager or administrator to create a requisition
  • Easier ability for requesters to reassign carts to other colleagues
  • You will still have the ability to browse individual preferred vendor catalogs
  • Listed below are future enhancements that will improve the usability on iBuyNU. 
  • The ability for a user to pre-define members in a group cart.
  • The ability for a user to reclaim and edit assigned shopping carts. 
  • The ability for draft carts to be created and saved for future submission and processing.
  • The ability for shoppers to receive out of office messages from iBuyNU when their assigned requesters is not available. 
We’ve generally received positive feedback about the new iBuyNU.  Listed below are a few suggested enhancements submitted by end users or changes we feel would make iBuyNU even better.  All suggestions have been submitted to Aquiire for review:
  • Supplier Punchout Icon – increase the size of the punchout icon.
  • Search and Filter – Improve the search and filter functionality for carts, invoicing and purchase orders. 
  • iBuyNU Assigned Cart Notification – Remove embedded link to decrease confusion for requesters.

Things to know

  • New Fisher Stockroom on Chicago Campus – Fisher has opened up a new stockroom on the Chicago campus in the Simpson Querry building.  We’ve also enabled a stockroom catalog in iBuyNU for purchases.  If you have questions, please contact our Fisher Account Rep, Mike Gorack at 
  • The BD Bioscience punchout catalog is now available in iBuyNU.
  • Cell Signaling catalog is now a punchout catalog with FREE shipping.
  • In the notes section of the Assign Cart page, we have a limit of 255 characters.  If you go over that character limit, the system will not allow you to assign your cart.   Decreasing your character amount will allow you to assign your cart.   We are working with Aquiire to either provide a character count down or just not allow us to enter more than 255 characters.  

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For feedback or questions, please contact Keith Paddy at 847.467.6963 or

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