Sargent Hall

Students hanging out in a lounge

Students hanging out in the Sargent lobby

Students hanging out on the porch of Sargent

Sargent dining hall

Student eating at Sargent dining hall

Sargent Hall is on north campus and houses 157 students in double and single rooms. At Sargent, men and women live in separate wings of the same floor. A dining hall is conveniently located inside the building. Residents are also close to the fraternity quad, Tech, and gym.


  • 157 students

Available to:

  • All undergraduate students


  • main lounge
  • recreation room
  • kitchenette
  • dining hall

Helpful measurements:

  • Typical window size: 29.5x55"
  • Typical desk dimensions: 41.5x23.5"
  • Bed height (space between ground and bed): 26"

Mailing address:

Sargent Room #
2245 Sheridan Rd
Evanston, IL 60201-2918

Additional Photos

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