Rogers House

A room at Rogers House

A room at Rogers House

A room at Rogers House

A lounge at Rogers HOuse

A lounge at Rogers HOuse

Rogers House is on south campus and houses 49 students in single and double rooms. Men and women live on separate floors. Residents have multiple dining options, as the building is close to Foster-Walker, Allison, and Willard. Rogers House is also very close to downtown Evanston.


  • 49 students

Available to:

  • All undergraduate students


  • living room
  • TV room
  • recreation room with table tennis
  • recently renovated

Helpful measurements:

  • Typical window size: 48” tall; 55” wide
  • Typical desk dimensions: 36” wide; 29” deep
  • Typical dresser dimensions: 36” wide; 76” tall

Virtual Room Tours

See what a single room, double room, and lounge looks like in Rogers House:

Additional Photos

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Mailing address:

Rogers Room #
647 University Pl
Evanston, IL 60201-3816