International Student Orientation and Check-In

Undergraduate International Student Orientation (ISO) will begin on September 11.
Graduate International Student Orientation (GISO) will begin on September 9.


2021 Orientation Schedules


Mandatory International Student Check-In:

International Student Check-in is required to activate your SEVIS record. All international students in F or J status must check-in through our portal within 5 days of arrival. If a student chooses to stay outside of the United States to take courses online for the fall term, this step is not necessary until you are able to enter the United States on your F or J visa.


Here are the steps to check-in: 

1) Complete the online check-in through the OISS portal

  • You will upload a copy of your form I-20 or DS-2019, passport, F-1 or J-1 visa and I-94 arrival record
  • You will learn how to update your U.S. address, phone number and emergency contact in the CAESAR system, which is required to check-in
  • You will learn important immigration information

2) Update your current addressUS phone number & emergency contact in CAESAR

3) Attend International Student Orientation


COVID-19 Vaccination Information

We are aware not all international students will have the option to receive their vaccine prior to arrival and may have questions about what this means for when you arrive to campus.

Currently, no quarantine period is required for either students who receive their COVID-19 vaccine before arriving nor for students who will receive their COVID-19 vaccine upon arrival on campus. Students should plan to arrive to begin International Student Orientation on September 11 or for early move-in on September 8. If you choose to arrive to Evanston before those dates, you will not be eligible to move-in to the residence halls. 

Students unable to receive a COVID-19 vaccination prior to arrival will be required to take a COVID-19 test on campus as soon as possible. Testing will be available to all new students. Upon receiving a negative result, students will have the option to proceed to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. You will receive information about how to sign-up for your vaccine after submitting the COVID-19 Vaccination Form

Students will continue to take regular COVID-19 tests & be required to wear their masks until the fully vaccinated efficacy period is reached.  Any additional questions about the vaccine can be answered here. Students will be able to participate in all orientation activities as long as their COVID-19 test remains negative.