Undergraduate International Student Orientation

September 18-21, 2018

The International Office is excited to welcome the Class of 2022!  International Student Orientation 2018 (ISO 2018) is a four-night/five-day program specifically designed for new or transferring undergraduate international students, exchange students, and U.S. citizens who grew up overseas. Part of ISO 2018 is a day-long orientation for the parents/families of our new students. Parents/family members are encouraged to attend the International Parent Orientation. 

***Students: Register here!

***Parents/Family members: Register here!

ISO 2018 schedule


ISO is free to attend and there is no ISO fee. Students moving in early will be billed by Housing at a negotiated per night rate.  Students receiving Northwestern financial aid will have this housing fee covered.   Your meals during ISO will either be planned by The International Office or by your International Peer Advisors (IPAs), and occasionally may require cash.


Students participating in ISO are being granted early move-in to their permanent (or academic year) residence halls on the first day of ISO. Students registered for ISO should have received information about early move-in via email. If you have questions, please email e-torres@northwestern.edu.

Can I stay with my parents in their hotel? We will leave this up to you, but encourage you to fully participate in ISO. Your parent(s)/guardian(s) will likely be interested in helping you set-up your room on-campus, and if it’s not ready for you to sleep in, go on and stay in the hotel!


Each day will have something new, informative, and exciting to see and experience. Past ISO activities have included:

  • Informative sessions on topics such as campus life, academics, and US classroom culture.
  • Tours of downtown Evanston, campus, and a trip to downtown Chicago
  • Northwestern traditions, such as painting The Rock and attending a Northwestern football game
  • Shopping trips in Evanston and surrounding areas (to include: Bed, Bath, and Beyond; Target; BestBuy, etc.)
  • Bonfire and S'mores on the beach
  • IPA-led sessions on campus activities, Greek life, CAESAR, CTECs, getting involved, and much more!

ISO ends in time for students to join Wildcat Welcome on September 21, 2018.

Arrival & Check-In @ ISO 2018

(This information will be updated in July 2018)

If you need information on getting from the airport to campus, check it out HERE. ISO Check-In will happen as you arrive on-campus and check in at your assigned Residence Hall.

Click here for map.

ISO Check-In at campus Residence Halls will be available on September 18 from 10:00–18:00 (10am-6pm); but what if…

…your flight is delayed and you arrive late on September 18? Students arriving after 18:00 (6pm), will have access to a 24-hour check-in/arrival center.  Information on its location will be provided in July 2018.

…you arrive on September 19, 20, or 21 due to flight delays/cancellations? If you arrive late, then you should plan to check-in for ISO at your assigned residence hall. Since you will have the schedule before you actually leave home, you will be able to catch up with the group once you’ve dropped your bags, gotten settled, and have a chance to figure out your next step.

When registering for ISO, be sure to tell us your travel plans so we know when to expect you! Please try hard to arrive on the first day for check-in and to meet other new students and meet your IPAs!

International Parent Orientation

Parents and families are encouraged to attend ISO, and the schedule is flexible to the point of allowing ample time to spend with your student. Parents and students will kick-off orientation together, and then separate sessions have been planned with the parents in mind. Come join in the fun, and be sure that your student has indicated that you are attending when he or she registers.

While we cannot help parents secure a B-1/B-2 visa for entry into the U.S., upon successful ISO registration, each student will receive an emailed confirmation with an attached letter inviting parents to attend ISO. This letter may be useful in securing a visa if required.