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NetID Assignment

When do new employees receive a NetID?

A Northwestern NetID is automatically created for a new employee once the hire is processed by HR.  Hires may be submitted in one of three ways:

Within three hours after the hire is processed by HR Operations, the hiring department's NetID Coordinator will receive an email that must be forwarded to the employee; this email contains an activation code and instructions for setting up the NetID.

NetIDs are assigned regardless of the employee's start date, which may lead to a future employee receiving their NetID, email address, and associated system access prior to their start on campus.  If this is not desirable, the hire paperwork should be submitted closer to the start date of the employee, or the department's NetID Coordinator can simply wait to forward the activation email.

Note: Individuals paid only via a Special Pay Request Form are not assigned NetIDs.

Who is your NetID Coordinator?

To see your department's current NetID Coordinator, ask a myHR administrator in your department or review the latest Department List online.

Your NetID Coordinator can be updated directly by any myHR administrator.  For more information, contact myHR Help at 847-467-4800 or

How do I avoid an employee receiving two NetIDs?

If you submit paperwork for an enrolled student or active employee, a new NetID will not be created; the student or employee should continue using their current NetID.

If the individual currently has a manually-created affiliate NetID, HR Operations must be notified prior to submitting the hire paperwork.  If notified in advance, a duplicate NetID can be avoided.

Do not submit a separate NetID request to the Northwestern IT Support Center or to your local IT administrator.  This will cause the employee to receive a duplicate NetID when the hire paperwork is processed.

Where can I learn more?

For more information about NetIDs, see the Northwestern IT website.