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Long Term Disability

Long Term Disability (LTD) provides a monthly benefit if you are unable to perform your regular job (during the first two years of your disability) or any reasonable job (after two years of disability) due to illness or injury. Find relevant documents in the links below:

LTD plan benefit

Long-term disability coverage by age when disabled.
Age When Disabled Benefits Payable
Prior to age 63 To normal retirement age of 42 months, if greater
63 To normal retirement age of 36 months, if greater
64 30 months
65 24 months
66 21 months
67 18 months
68 15 months
Age 69 and over 12 months

Social Security coordination

The University requires faculty and staff who apply for the LTD benefit to also apply for Social Security Disability Income (SSDI). The Hartford will offset the University's LTD benefit payments with approved SSDI benefit payments.

Enroll in LTD

Premiums for the buy-up plan

Premiums for the buy-up plan by age.
Age Rate
Under age 30 $0.082
30 to 34 $0.109
35 to 39 $0.123
40 to 44 $0.145
45 to 49 $0.187
50 to 54 $0.243
55 to 59 $0.284
60 to 64 $0.307
Age 65 and older $0.287


Divide your annual salary by 100 and multiply by the premium rate for your age bracket as shown at above to obtain your annual premiums. Please note that premiums are taken as an after-tax deduction from your paycheck.

Employees already participating in the Core plan who are interested in applying for the Buy-up plan must prove evidence of insurability by filling out the following form and turning it in to the benefits division. The Hartford will review each case individually and make a determination. The Personal Health Application form is used to prove evidence of insurability.

File an LTD claim

Extended Sick Time (EST) claims will transition automatically for LTD consideration by The Hartford with additional health information required from you. Browse frequently asked questions.