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Hiring Temporary Staff

documents/non-student-direct-temp-hire-list.pdfNeed a Temp? Our Temporary Staffing Service assists hiring managers in filling temporary long- and short-term vacancies. Whether it’s vacation coverage, a special project, or interim assistance while you conduct a search for a regular employee, a temporary employee can be a valuable resource in helping you meet business demands.

Temporary worker and contractor hiring

All requests for non-student temporary workers and contractors (independent contractors and contractors through 3rd party staffing agencies) need to flow through the Position Management Process before work is performed if the expected cost of assignment is greater than $20,000. For more information visit the Position Management Process website

Sourced temp service

This service offers sourcing and placement assistance to help you find the best temporary employee to meet your needs. For assistance in recruiting a temporary employee for your department, please forward your approved Temporary/Contractor Request Form to

Please review our Sourced Temp Service Level Agreement for more information.

Non-Student Direct Temps and Student Temps

If you have identified a temporary candidate on your own, and would like to hire them, please follow the steps outlined below:

****Effective as of August 1, 2019, HR Talent Acquisition ( is no longer accepting direct temp submissions with an incomplete personal data form and I-9 Section 1 & 2. If you submit an incomplete request, it will be returned with an explanation of the missing information. To be processed, requests must be resubmitted with all missing information.