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Salary Administration and Planning

Here at Northwestern University, we recognize that your compensation is an important aspect of your relationship with the University.  It is one of the reasons why you come to work every day – and one way you are rewarded for your work effort and contribution. 



About the Compensation team

Who we are

HR's Compensation staff oversees Northwestern’s compensation policies and principles to ensure equitable and competitive pay practices across the university. Our compensation program is designed to attract, retain, and motivate engaged employees by implementing compensation practices that:

  • Support the mission of the University
  • Are competitive with outside market pay levels for similar jobs and aligned with University needs
  • Provide equitable and fair compensation for similar work and qualifications
  • Reinforce a pay-for-performance philosophy
  • Incent and recognize high performance
  • Provide pay that is competitive within relevant labor markets
  • Are nondiscriminatory

Services offered

Provide school/unit supervisors and managers with advice and recommendations on staff compensation matters.

Perform job evaluations to ensure pay practices align to external market standards and pay practices encourage internal equity.

Research and complete analyses on relevant benchmarks to assist schools/units with salary planning, new hire, reclassification and/or promotional pay decisions.

Ensure staff roles are classified appropriately in compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act and other state regulations.

Determining pay

Recognition programs

In addition to financial compensation, Northwestern University also shows appreciation for staff through recognition programs. The three programs are Length of Service Recognition, Employee of the Year and the Service Excellence award.

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