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Salary Adjustment and Reclassification Requests


  1. Department Leader identifies a need for salary/job change and sends a request to HR Administrator
  2. HR Administrator submits Salary Adjustment and Reclassification/Re-grade Form to
  3. Request is scheduled for review (current assessment workload will determine ETA)
  4. Compensation reviews, conducts market and internal assessments as required and provides feedback to HR Administrator
  5. HR Administrator reviews with Department Leader
  6. Department Leader submits request along with market and internal compensation assessment/reclassification recommendation to School/Unit leadership for approval
  7. HR Administrator follows process (OnBase or Paper) to send to Compensation for pay/job update


  • Promotions and Salary Adjustment Assessments will generally provide a competitive market range; Guideline is to stay within the competitive range recommended by Compensation
    • This will ensure market alignment and internal equity
  • In addition, the below guidelines should be considered in relation to the competitive range:
    • 1-grade increase – 5-10%
    • 2-grade increase – 8-15%
    • 3-grade increase – 12-20%