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Staff Handbook

Staff Handbook

This handbook contains policy and program information that defines the responsibilities of staff members and the University's commitments to staff. Review the Staff Handbook for complete staff employment policies and procedures.




Please email or contact your Human Resources Business Partner ( with questions regarding the policies and programs within the Staff Handbook.


Attesting to the Handbook

Upon hire, staff members (including Postdoctoral Fellows, Research Associates, and Faculty Librarians) are required to attest that they have received the Staff Handbook. This confirmation of receipt will be retained by the University. Complete the process in myHR

Summary of updates for 2022

The following key updates are reflected in the 2022 Staff Handbook; for any questions regarding these updates, please contact your HR Business Partner.

  • Transfer & Promotion Service Requirement (Page 2.6)
    Clarifies the service requirements to transfer to another position.
  • Reinstatement (Page 2.8)
    Clarifies that enrollment of benefits upon reinstatement is not automatic, but rather staff members must re-enroll upon reinstatement.
  • Eligibility for Rehire (Page 2.8)
    References the rehire and transfer web page that provides guidance on when a 31-day break in service is required.
  • Non-retaliation Reporting Process (Page 2.12)
    Clarifies avenues for reporting concerns and asking questions.
  • Ethics Point (Page 3.2)
    Strengthens language on utilizing avenues for reporting concerns and asking questions.
  • Acceptance of Gifts and Hospitality from External Parties (Pages 3.2 - 3.3)
    Newly includes a reference to this policy.
  • Hazing (Page 3.5)
    Newly includes a reference to this policy.
  • COVID-19 Compliance Requirements (Page 3.6)
    Newly includes a reference to this policy.
  • Reporting Obligations (Page 4.3)
    Updated to align to the Office of Equity’s policies and processes.
  • Retirement Benefits (Page 5.3)
    Updated to align to changes in the Retirement Plans.
  • Local Benefits (Page 5.11)
    References the local benefits web page that provides state-specific disability benefits and paid leave coverage.
  • Bereavement Absence (Page 6.9)
    Provides the ability for staff members to delay the use of their bereavement time for up to one year following the death of their family member.
  • Flexible Work Arrangements (Page 9.2)
    Updated to align to the Policy on Alternative Work Strategies.
  • Professional and Other University Organizations (Page 10.1)
    Updated the list of organizations.