Taxes, Social Security, and ID

While studying, visiting, or working at Northwestern, you may encounter legal requirements associated with living in the United States.

Tax requirements

Taxes are filed every year; if you were present in the United States during any part of that calendar year, you are required to file taxes. Learn about U.S. tax requirements and find resources for filing taxes.

Social Security Number

The U.S. Social Security Administration issues unique 9-digit Social Security Numbers (SSN), which are required for many purposes, such as receiving payment through your employer's payroll system, filing taxes, acquiring a driver's license, or obtaining a credit report. Read about required documentation for a SSN.

Acquiring a driver's license or state ID

You may require these identification cards for a variety of reasons -- such as baking or traveling -- including the ability to drive a car. A Social Security Number is required for a state driver's license; those ineligible for a Social Security Number may drive with a Temporary Visitor Driver's License (TVDL). Acquire a Driver's License, TVDL or Illinois State ID.