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Birth/Adoption Parental Leave (BAPL) FAQs

If I am eligible for BAPL but not eligible for FMLA, am I still eligible for this benefit?

Eligibility for BAPL is not tied to eligibility for FMLA. Employees can qualify for BAPL if they meet the criteria listed in the policy.

I do not have two years of service at the onset of my leave. Will I be eligible for BAPL if I reach three years of service during my maternity leave?

The employee must meet the two years of benefits eligible service no later than the date that the benefit would normally commence. 

Example #1:
Delivery:  1/16/2018
Scheduled Return from Leave:  4/13/2018
2 Years of Service:  2/13/2018
BAPL: Four weeks

Example #2:
Delivery: 1/16/2018
Scheduled Return from Leave: 4/13/2018
2 Years of Service:  3/27/2018
BAPL: 2 Weeks

How will I know I am eligible for Parental Leave?

When contacting the Hartford to set up your FMLA claim, they will have your date of hire to determine if you are eligible for BAPL. This information will be included on the eligibility letter they will send you.