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Dearborn National Dental PPO

The Dearborn National PPO is a dental plan covering comprehensive care for members.

Plan benefits

Complete benefit information is available in the PPO Dental Highlights and the Dearborn National Booklet.


Orthodontics covered for children through age 25. Claims must be submitted to Dearborn National in order to obtain reimbursement. For clarification and/or predetermination of the rates, please contact Dearborn National directly at (800)-573-9827

Monthly premiums

Monthly premiums for the Dearborn National Dental PPO insurance plan by whether the employee is full-time or part-time and family members insured.
You You + Spouse You + Child(ren) You + Spouse + Child(ren)
Full-Time $21 $45 $51 $72
Part-Time $30 $64 $72 $102


Find a dentist

Members may receive care from any licensed dentist, but benefits are higher if care is provided by a Dearborn National PPO network dentist.

File a claim