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First Commonwealth Dental HMO

Plan benefits

The plan covers eligible services at 100% minus a specified copayment. A complete listing of eligible services and copayments amounts is available in the schedule of member payment responsibilities.

Monthly premiums

You You + Spouse You + Child(ren) You + Spouse + Child(ren)
Full-time $7 $13 $14 $20
Part-time $10 $18 $20 $28


Find a dentist

First Commonwealth only covers dental care services which are authorized in advance by an individual's primary care dentist. Enrollment in First Commonwealth requires the designation of a primary care dentist.

The dentist provider network is accessible online or you can call customer service at 866-494-4542. To change your primary care dentist after initial enrollment, contact First Commonwealth directly.

File a claim

This plan does not require the completion of claim forms. If you receive a bill, you should contact First Commonwealth directly.

Mobile app

Guardian First Commonwealth has a mobile application called "Guardian Anytime" that allows you to access their provider network and other plan related information from your mobile device. Find out more about the mobile app.