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Creating a Job Opening

Following are the specific system steps for creating a job opening in myHR eRecruit to post your position on the Northwestern Careers website.

If you have not been authorized to create job openings in myHR eRecruit, your department may have a specific person assigned to this task; otherwise, you may sign up for and complete myHR Staff eRecruit training to obtain access.

Please contact your Talent Acquisition Partner if you have any difficulty posting your position.

Login to Staff eRecruit

  1. Navigate to myHR and login with your NetID and Password.
  2. At the top of the screen, click 'Self Service' and change to 'Manager Self Service.'
  3. Click 'Recruiting.'
  4. From the Quick Links menu, select 'Create New Job Opening' to begin.

Enter your job opening

  1. Job Opening Type defaults to 'Standard Requisition.'
  2. Enter the Position Number you wish to post. The Department, Job Code and Job Posting Title fields will automatically populate once a Position Number is entered. Click the magnifying glass to search for existing positions within your department.
  3. Choose the main campus on which the job resides as the Recruiting Location. Click the magnifying glass to choose from a list of locations.
  4. Click Continue.
  5. Many fields on the Job Information tab will default in for you. Do not modify these fields unless indicated below.
  6. Indicate the Status Reason for posting the job – either because it’s a new position, or an existing position is being vacated.
  7. If you would like to notify candidates as they are being eliminated from the hiring process, select the Send Rejection Emails checkbox. When checked, candidates who are dispositioned as 'Rejected' will receive an automated message notifying them they are no longer in consideration. Alternatively, connect with your Talent Acquisition Partner to align on candidate notification roles and responsibilities.
  8. Click the Authorization tab towards the top of the screen. Click the magnifying glass to search or select individuals for each role. If someone does not appear in a list, contact your Talent Acquisition Partner.
    1. Add your HR Talent Acquisition Partner as the Recruiter.
    2. The Screener must be someone who has completed myHR Staff eRecruit training and will play a role in managing applicants through the candidate workflow. If you do not have anyone in your department who is trained, list your Talent Acquisition Partner.
    3. The Authorizer for your department must have completed myHR Staff eRecruit training and is responsible for approving the funding of the position.
    4. Enter the Hiring Manager for the role.
    5. Optionally, add additional individuals who will need to review resumes as Resume Receivers.
  9. Click the Save & Submit. A Job ID will be assigned and listed in the top right of the resulting screen.

Your job opening will be routed to your Department Authorizer, followed by your Talent Acquisition Partner. Your Talent Acquisition Partner will add the job posting details and pre-screening questions prior to posting the role.