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Reduced Tuition Benefits

The Dependent Reduced Tuition plans pay benefits toward the cost of tuition for eligible spouse/partner and eligible dependent child(ren) enrolled in a Northwestern University undergraduate degree program or in the University’s School of Professional Studies undergraduate level classes. A list of some eligible Northwestern programs can be found in the Professional Development section of our website.

Dependent eligibility 

Both eligible spouses and dependent children taking undergraduate courses at Northwestern University schools may take advantage of this benefit.  

What is covered

Undergraduate Day School

Tuition benefit and plan ID for various years of service.

Required Qualified Service

Tuition Benefit

Plan ID 

5 years - Full-time Service 

50% Benefit 


20 years - Full-time Service* 

90% Benefit 



School of Professional Studies

Tuition benefit and plan ID for various years of service.

Required Qualified Service

 Tuition Benefit

 Plan ID

6 months - Full-time Service 

85% Benefit 


* Eligibility requires date of hire prior to January 1, 2000. 


One online application (apply by logging in to myHR) is required per dependent per benefit plan for each calendar year (Jan - Dec) of study. 


For each dependent reduced tuition application, you will need to submit the following documentation: A copy of your most recently filed 1040 tax form as proof of dependency.


By submitting an application, you are agreeing to the following statement: I certify that the information provided is correct.  I agree to comply with the provisions of the Northwestern Tuition Benefit plan as described in the plan document.  I agree to pay, at the latest, by the due date on the student's account for all tuition, fees and other related educational costs that are not covered by this benefit plan. (For student account questions, contact Student Finance.) 

Contributed Service Medical School Faculty Member 

Contributed Service Faculty Members of the Medical School are only eligible for the Dependent Reduced Tuition benefit and should apply via paper application. Submit the paper Dependent Reduced Tuition Application form, along with documentation from your Department Chairman that you participate in the equivalent of 78 hours per year in scheduled teaching to