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Performance Excellence Resources for Staff

Performance Excellence is Northwestern's annual performance management experience and is a vital part of how you perform and grow.  For an overview of your role as a staff member and the phases of Performance Excellence please visit our Overview page.

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Set Goals that are SIMple

Setting SIMple Goals

The Academic and Fiscal year has begun. Taking time to sift through lists of tasks and articulate goals for the year may seem stressful, but can help create focus and calm.

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REAL conversations, all year round

REAL conversations (Reflect, Empathize, Ask questions, Look ahead) help to build trust, increase learning, and focus forward for motivation and engagement. Not sure you're having REAL conversations?  

REAL conversation framework

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Learning resources for all phases of Performance Excellence
Purpose and SIMple goal-setting essentials Prepare to discuss development Writing your Self-Review
Purpose and SIMple goal sample library Check-in guide & template Guide to Ratings
Values and behaviors Career development plan template Tips for Receiving Feedback

Understanding timelines

If you have questions about area timelines or deadlines, please check with the Human Resources contact in your school or unit.  


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