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Northwestern University and have partnered to offer University students, faculty and staff unlimited, on-demand access to a full library of online courses at no additional cost.

Course topics include most major software programs as well as workplace skills like presentations, leadership and career development. While topics cover a broad spectrum, you'll find the most general training under the "Business" section.

Browse the current full library, and note that new courses and topics are added every week.

Explore features

Northwestern's partnership gives students, faculty, and staff a more personalized learning experience.


Playlists allow you to build collections of courses you want to watch. You can build playlists of courses around any topic that interests you, and share your collections with other users; for instance, faculty and instructors can share playlists with students in their classes.

To learn to use these features, watch Creating and managing your playlists and Sharing your playlists from View Sample Playlists.


You can use bookmarks to mark courses, chapters, videos, and even specific sections of videos for later viewing or reviewing.

For more, watch Bookmarking videos, chapters, or courses that interest you from

Course history

Through the course history feature, you can view a list of every course you have taken from your Northwestern account. Your most recent courses will appear at the top of the list, enabling you to easily pick up where you left off.

For more, watch Starting where you left off with Course History from

Certificates of completion

When you have viewed all the movies in a course, you can earn a certificate of completion demonstrating your completion of that course. You can then share these certificates with professors, supervisors, or prospective employers.

For more, watch Printing and sharing Certificates of Completion from 

Choose your player movies are compatible with Flash, QuickTime, or Windows Media Player, allowing you to choose the movie player that best suits your needs.

For more, watch Choosing the right video player for your needs from

Communications preferences

All Northwestern students, faculty, and staff can sign up for's monthly newsletter, new release notifications, and special announcements and offers.

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