Editing Classes

Use the Edit Class Enrollment Options page to change a discussion section, change grading basis or change variable units for a class in which you are enrolled.

Step 1 

Navigate to the CAESAR homepage and sign in using your NetID and password. The CAESAR home page appears.

Step 2 

To edit a class in your schedule, click on the Enrollment link in the Enrollment pagelet on your home page. The Add Classes–Select Term page appears.

Step 3

Select the edit link. The Edit Classes–Select Term page appears.

Step 4 

Select the term and press Continue. The Edit Class Enrollment Options – Select a Class to Edit page appears.

edit class enrollment page

Step 5

Use the drop-down arrow to select the class you wish to edit and press the “Proceed to Step 2 of 3” button. The Edit Class Enrollment Options – Select a class to edit – Enrollment Preferences page appears. [Note: only classes that you are allowed to edit appear in the drop-down menu.]

edit class enrollment page

Step 6

Edit the preferences you wish to modify and press the Next button. The Edit Class Enrollment Options – Confirm your selections page appears.

The Enrollment Preferences page shows registration options available for the class(es) in which you are enrolled—modifiable based on the class. If this is a variable credit course, you will need to enter the number of credits that you will receive for passing the class in the Units field. When multiple grading options are available, such as "Pass/Not Pass", the Grading field will allow you to elect the desired grading basis. You also may select a different discussion section.

edit class enrollment confirm options

Step 7

Review the page to confirm the course(s) you wish to edit. Press the Finishing Editing  button to complete the edit transaction or press the Cancel button to exit without dropping your class(es). If the action is successful, CAESAR will display Success in the Message field. If the edit is unsuccessful, My Class Schedule the Errors are displayed in the Message field. Press the  My Class Schedulebutton to review your new schedule.

edit class enrollment view results