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System Access

CAESAR contains data and functions related to student admission, student records and registration, student accounts, and student financial aid. Click below to request new or additional administrative access (staff only) to one or more of those areas.



Are you new to NU or CAESAR?

If you are unsure of what access to request, you can ask someone in your department to submit the form on your behalf.

Are you transferring to a new department?

If you transfer to a new department, your CAESAR administrative access will be removed per university policy. If you need CAESAR access in your new department, please submit the Caesar Access Form 

Do you need instructor, TA, or guest access?

To request instructor, TA, or grading proxy access to CAESAR, consult our resources for instructors.
If you need guest access, you can find instructions at Student Finance.

Do you need CAESAR training?

We'll contact you if you're approved for access that requires training. You can visit the training page for more information about CAESAR training. 

How does this work?

  • Your form will be routed through one or more approvers, depending on what types of access you request.
  • You'll get an email when your access is applied, which will include your new login credentials (if applicable).
  • If you request access from multiple areas (Student Records and Admissions, for example), each area must be approved by different data custodians at the University, so the different areas of access may be applied at different times or days, rather than all at once.