Viewing or Paying Tuition with Domestic Funds

Follow the instructions below to view and/or pay your tuition bill with Domestic funds on CAESAR.

For more information about using these and other CAESAR functions, please see the online help available from  If you need further assistance, please contact the IT Information Center helpdesk located at 1800 Sherman Avenue, at 847-491-HELP, or

Step 1  

Navigate to the CAESAR homepage,, and sign in using your NetID and password. The Student Center appears.

Step 2

Click on the View and/or Pay Tuition Bill (Monthly Snapshot) link located under the Financial Services area in the Student Center. The Message Board for Tuition & Fees Invoice page then appears.

Step 3

To make a payment, click on the Make Payment link located under the Payments heading. To view an invoice, transaction, or scheduled payment, click any of the following links corresponding to your needs: Current Statement, Statement History, Scheduled Payments, or Transaction History.

Message board for tuition and fees invoice screen

Step 4

If you are making a payment, enter your payment amount and payment method and then click the Continue button.

Step 5

The entire Account Number is displayed only on this entry page.
Verify carefully, then click Continue.

Step 6

Review your payment information and then click “Confirm” to submit your payment.

Step 7

You can print your electronic receipt for your records.

Payment Receipt for Tuition and Fees Invoice

Step 8

To ensure account security, when you have completed your transaction, from the top right of the Northwestern banner, click Sign out to close your session. Then quit your browser.