OPT Reporting Survey

Maintaining Status

While you are on post-completion OPT, your status is still F-1.  Your F-1 status is still your responsibility. To maintain your F-1 status:

  • You cannot begin working until you receive the EAD card and the start date on it has passed.
  • You must work in a job that meets the job requirements listed here
  • You cannot accumulate more than 90 days of unemployment
    • The 90 days begins with the start date on the EAD card
    • If you reach 90 days, you are expected to leave the U.S. immediately, and report that via the survey.
  • Ensure that you have the documents you need to travel – see here for details

OPT Reporting Requirements

You must report your employment/unemployment during OPT.  This is required!

We will discontinue the OPT Reporting Survey on April 1, 2019. PLEASE REPORT YOUR INFORMATION THROUGH YOUR SEVP PORTAL. If you have not signed up for the SEVP Portal, contact your IO advisor to get your account reset.

Please complete the Post-Completion OPT Reporting Survey (below) within 10 days of any of the following changes:

  • Employment and unemployment (starting a new job, stopping a job, etc)
  • Residential address
  • Name
  • Immigration Status
  • or if you leave the U.S.permanently
  • Students on STEM OPT must report employment every 6 months, even if you do not change jobs/addresses

If you choose to have a new I-20 created, after you complete the OPT Reporting Survey:

  • Your IO advisor will create a new I-20 for you
  • Your IO advisor will email you when this I-20 is ready
  • Please allow 10 business days for processing.  Thank you for your patience